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Trousers that will make you look the best version of yourself !


Trousers can make or break an outfit and are simply indispensable as office wear. From jostling around to meet deadlines to attending board meetings, from casual meet and greets to water cooler moments, a suitable pair of trousers can help you sail seamlessly through it all.

When you go about picking trousers, a one-size-fits-all approach never helps. Myriad factors come into play, from body types to silhouettes, cuts and styles, and above all, comfort.

At Select CITYWALK, we’ve got it all set out for you with a cheat sheet of trouser silhouettes designed to make you look like the style icon you are.
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Tall and straight

High waist pants with a nipped waistline look great on women with a lean, tall frame. It accentuates the waistline and helps shape your body. They also help lengthen your body, making you appear taller than usual.

Where: H&M has an amazing collection of high waist pants to choose from.


Pear Shaped

Stick to pants that skim the hips and thighs. Pants with a waist tuck-in and wide leg hem make you look tall, giving your figure the balance it deserves. Pair them with shirts embellished around the neckline to draw attention to the slim zones of your body. Ruffled blouses are great to round it off with an element of style.

WhereZara. You will surely walk out with a whole new look for yourself.


Hourglass body types have the waist as a key point of leverage. Creating equilibrium between the top and bottom of the body, while accentuating the waist, is a balancing act you must get right. Cropped trousers is an open secret known to hero the waist. Experiment with flares for a more appealing look.

Where: Forever New to have the edge on what’s ruling this space!

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Keep it simple with straight leg trousers without adding any volume to your lower half. To create an illusion of height, play with prints- vertical stripes work a charm. The good news is these pants leave enough room for experimenting with blouses and tops. Friendly tip: pair vertical stripes with solid colours to enhance the impact of illusion.

Where: Explore from a plethora of options at Zara and H&M.

So hop skip and jump to your favourite stores at Select CITYWALK to give your trouser wardrobe a quick makeover!

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