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The 6 Essential Pairs


Almost any woman you ask will tell you without a doubt that a lady can never have enough shoes! We completely agree, and that’s why Select CITYWALK has more than a few choices for those Cinderella moments! Here are 6 types of shoes that are essential to any women’s’ closet.

  • Classic Pumps

These bad boys are considered to be the LBD of the shoe world. They tend to go with almost any outfit, and the best part is that they go from day to night without so much so as a squeak! Stick to the basics and get 2 pairs, a black one- because one can never go wrong with black, and a nude one – to lengthen those legs to no end! Try stores like Aldo and Nine West for this absolute essential.


  • Riding boots-

These boots were definitely meant for walking! If you ever feel a little rocker chic, then these are the perfect pair to tie your simple white tee and a pair of jeans together. Grab them in black from stores like Steve Madden and Tresmode.


  • Sandals-

We all love to go easy from time to time, so a pair of sandals is a must have! Flip-flops look great on the beach and maybe a few other occasions, but no more! A fun pair of beady sandals will give you that absolutely fab lazy day look! Grab a pair from stores like Bebe


  • Ballet Flats-

You don’t need to be a ballerina to know that these shoes a woman just can’t go without! They go beautifully with a cute pair of shorts, a tank top and fab bag! Perfect for those shopping sprees, you won’t even feel them! Try stores like Tresmode for your very own pair!


  • Summer Wedges-

Summer is all about the summer dresses and don’t we know it! The perfect summer dress is only complimented with the perfect summer wedges. What better way to show off that cute pedi than slipping into a colorful pair of COMFY heels? We know, those two words usually cannot be in the same sentence, but in this case- 100% true! Grab your pair at stores like Footkraft and Steve Madden


  • Statement Pair-

We all need a pair of shoes that’ll make those heads turns when you walk by. Grab whatever your heart is drawn to, but make sure there is something that absolutely stands out about them. This pair is perfect for Friday nights or those special date nights! Grab a pair at stores like Aldo.


So the next time you are at your favourite shopping destination, you’ll know exactly what needs to be on that shopping list! Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

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