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Indian Food Trends in 2018 You Must Know About !


Team Select CITYWALK wishes you all a Happy and a Prosperous New Year!
While love for food is evergreen, food trends rarely stay so! New year brings new opportunities to explore and taste something new and different. The Indian palate has progressed from loving the most traditional treats to snacking on the most exotic or adventurous dishes. Food trends in 2018 highlight the shift of attention from the classic menu every restaurant offers to different tastes under one roof. Here’s what will be popular this year:

  1. Health is Wealth

The rising popularity of micro-greens, kitchen gardens, and weight loss diets such as keto or atkins – all point towards the growing awareness of fitness and health even when eating out. Restaurants in Delhi understand the need to balance health with taste and are coming up healthy menus that support clean-eating through filling and delectable dishes. When on an outing at the shopping centre, drop by at the Salad Story or Pita Pit for healthy dinner deals.

  1. Seasonal Menus get a lot of love!

India’s diversity in faith, culture as well as climate paves way for a whole lot of festivities for everyone to participate in.  Come summer, you will see fresh summer special menus that are all about the bringing the tropical chill indoors. Navratri special delicacies have also received a lot of love in the past, and will continue to do so! Sattvik & Punjab Grill’s seasonal specials are splendid and deserve a shot!

  1. Experience matters

Ambiance, food styling and overall experience that got a huge thumbs up from the foodies in Delhi in 2017, will continue to do so this year as well. Visually and gastronomically satisfying restaurants will be the big draws. Café Delhi Heights is renowned for its relaxed ambiance and for being a perfect spot to catch up over a game or two of your favourite board games.

  1. Multi-cuisine is the way to be!

Due to so many cuisines now available in Delhi, the people have different go-to favourites.  Therefore, when heading out for a lunch or a dinner, a multi-cuisine restaurant or a shopping centre with restaurants of different cuisines will always get the first preference. My Square at Select CITYWALK prides itself on amalgamating the best tastes in Delhi for an experience everyone will love!

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