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Kick back those fancy heels, slip into that glittery dress, dive into a plateful of your favorite foods, get pampered, pleased and spoilt for choice! The City Walker's Diary is your inside view to the world of Select CITYWALK! Read on to get your dose of fashion, food, style, and entertainment!

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It’s Sale-Abration Time At Select CITYWALK

Let’s face it; we look forward to exactly one part of the year- SALE TIME! Christmas has been a double whammy for most shoppers at Select CITYWALK with the end of season sales starting early this year. … Read More


12 Toppers to Take Your Fashion Game to the Top

Wondering what to add to your shopping list this winter? From statement furs to velvet everything, Select CITYWALK gives you the scoop on all you need to know to … Read More


9 Signs You’re a Shopaholic…And Quite Happy About It

Shopping is what oxygen is to life – If that’s what you believe, CONGRATULATIONS, you have joined the Shopaholic club! … Read More


I scream for Ice cream!

Oh summer! How hot ARE you going to get? With temperatures rising, we need to figure out a way to keep cool! Of course, visiting Select CITYWALK is step one of that process; after all, who doesn’t love … Read More


Wake up! It’s time for make-up!

Make-up is a girls’ secret weapon, her special war paint when it comes to taking life on and living it to the fullest. … Read More


Monsoon Essentials

There aren’t many sounds more comforting than the pitter-patter of raindrops on your window! Lucky for us, relief from the dry, scorching heat is right around the corner! The monsoon brings … Read More


5 reasons why SALES are the best

Let’s face it – we all love sales! All those months of ogling at those shoes that were too-expensive and that drop-dead gorgeous dress that was so completely over your budget, now you can finally buy it all – SALE SEASON is in full swing at #SelectCITYWALK!

… Read More

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Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves

Winter is in full swing – and needless to say, we have every reason to love it. The hot chocolate, the pretty lights, the breezy sunny mornings and the festive Christmassy decoration! … Read More


My Passion for coffee!

If you can’t say anything nice, you probably haven’t had your coffee yet”.The person who wrote this quote was probably thinking of me when they did! I am just not

… Read More