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Kick back those fancy heels, slip into that glittery dress, dive into a plateful of your favorite foods, get pampered, pleased and spoilt for choice! The City Walker's Diary is your inside view to the world of Select CITYWALK! Read on to get your dose of fashion, food, style, and entertainment!

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Love Locked

The Mesmerizing Monsoon at Select CITYWALK

Rainbows, paper boats and the aroma of wet mud – Indian monsoons evoke a sense of nostalgia unlike any other season. … Read More


Trousers that will make you look the best version of yourself !

Trousers can make or break an outfit and are simply indispensable as office wear. From jostling around to meet deadlines to attending board meetings, from casual meet and greets to water cooler moments, … Read More



While you don’t really need a reason to shop, our End of Season Sale is probably the best one there is. With the onset of monsoon, all your favorite brands are putting forth incredible deals on last … Read More


What a time to be a kid!

Being a mother might be the best job in the world, but it’s also the toughest. You have to work 365 days a year (366 during leap years) with no sick days or vacation time. Which is why it’s all the more necessary to have a relaxing day to                … Read More

SCW city of love02

Capturing Select CITYWALK at its Best

There’s been a lot going on at Select CITYWALK over the past few months. We dove right into the festive season with Christmas that came with a whole lot of gifts and surprises for our shoppers.Next … Read More


Brand New Brands at Select CITYWALK

If there’s one place that you can get every great brand under one roof, it’s SelectCITYWALK! Well, we’re giving all you fashionista’s four very big reasons to cheer! So can we all hear it for Kate Spade, … Read More

Twisted Taco

Let’s Taco ‘Bout Awesome!

Delhi has a number of fabulous restaurants with a range of cuisines, from Italian to Oriental. But we’ve noticed that good Mexican restaurants are few and far between. In order to fill this gap we give you, Twisted Tacos – which recently opened … Read More


Blown Away at Select CITYWALK

Fiona Fischer, international balloon artist has graced Select CITYWALK with her talent. As part of our Republic Day celebrations we bring to you the first ever International Balloon Festival in India. The festival promises to be different from
… Read More

marine drive

Thank You For Making us One of the 10 most Instagrammed Locations in India

India is a country of ‘many’. Many people, many languages, many stories and many beautiful places. One such place is Select CITYWALK, which has recently been named … Read More