Kick back those fancy heels, slip into that glittery dress, dive into a plateful of your favorite foods, get pampered, pleased and spoilt for choice! The City Walker's Diary is your inside view to the world of Select CITYWALK! Read on to get your dose of fashion, food, style, and entertainment!
Love Locked


MUJI is holding an exhibition of its iconic products and eminent archival posters designed by renowned Japanese graphic designers- Ikko Tanaka and Kenya Hara at Select CITYWALK … Read More

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Don’t Exercise, Accessorize!

With the scorching summer sun conveniently waltzing into our lives, it’s time to ditch those monochrome blacks, dusty browns and gloomy grays to make way for earthy whites, pastel pinks and cool aqaus. … Read More


Above Your Egg-Speciations

The Easter egg has been a tradition that has been around for centuries all over the world. From dyed chicken eggs to flavoured eggs made from chocolate and sugar- the holiday has become a great … Read More

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Top Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

While we’re on the last legs of spring, it’s time to rethink your old wardrobe and embrace an all new spring/ summer wardrobe based on the latest trends. With a plethora of the finest brands under one … Read More


A Day at Select CITYWALK

If you’re looking for a way to while away your day, Select CITYWALK has you covered. From your morning coffee to the late night show you just have to catch, Select CITYWALK will keep you on your toes … Read More

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Man, It’s Good

Just the mere thought of going shopping can get pretty daunting for men. Luckily Select CITYWALK has subverted the paradigm by adding a whole new dynamic to elevate the experience of going to a shopping centre for all you men out there. … Read More

Cover Story

New Brands on the Block

Select CITYWALK is known for it’s ever changing nature and to always offer its shoppers a unique experience. It’s always been the one place where brands open their first store and inevitably becomes a shopper’s paradise. … Read More


What a time to be a kid!

Being a mother might be the best job in the world, but it’s also the toughest. You have to work 365 days a year (366 during leap years) with no sick days or vacation time. Which is why it’s all the more necessary to have a relaxing day to                … Read More

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Capturing Select CITYWALK at its Best

There’s been a lot going on at Select CITYWALK over the past few months. We dove right into the festive season with Christmas that came with a whole lot of gifts and surprises for our shoppers.Next … Read More